G.L. Pease - Cumberland 57g

350  SEK
Early in 2002, we were offered some really special leaf. (Read on. I'll reveal its secret identity soon enough.) Samples arrived, and I was immediately absorbed with its the richness, the depth of its smoke, and its beautiful, deep color. After experimenting with it for weeks, I finally had the recipe for Cumberland.
"We'll take it all!" I could barely contain my enthusiasm. When this is gone, there won't be any more. Fortunately, there was a lot of it, and won't run out any time soon. I'll be able to produce about 60,000 tins of this blend before the special leaf is nothing but ash and memories. However, I'm very encouraged by recent crops. At some point, I'll have to refomulate the blend a little, but I'm confident I'll be able to retain its character.

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