G.L. Pease - Key Largo 57g

350  SEK
Key Largo is full of surprises. It's got wonderful, layered flavours of rich Virginias, oriental tobaccos, including a little Cypriot Latakia, and hints of earthy spice from the cigar leaf. It presents a creamy, delicious smoke, with a softer room aroma than might be expected from the ingredients. It's refreshing, yet full-bodied and satisfying. I've been enjoying the prototypes through three seasons, but it seems exceptionally well suited to our late summer smoking. This is a unique blend, and defies the usual classification. It's neither an "English Mixture," nor a Virginia, nor is it just another cigar-leaf blend, yet it offers something of each. Maybe someone else can find a pigeonhole for Key Largo to roost in, but I cannot.

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